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I keep losing my broadband connection. How can I fix it?

If your broadband connection is down - so you can't get on any websites at all, not just the one that you were trying to get on when you noticed the problem - there are a few things you can check before contacting us.

  1. Check that your Hub is plugged in and turned on

    It sounds obvious but it's always worth checking this first, just in case. Make sure that the power cable is plugged into the Hub and, if you're on fibre optic broadband, the Openreach modem. And that it's turned on. Then check that the Ethernet cables are connected.
  2. Is there a major fault in your area?

    If you can connect to the internet using a different device (maybe a smartphone) then check our service status page to see if there's a problem where you are. If you can't do this, call our free automated service on 0800 169 0199.
  3. Turn your router off and then on again

    No, really. We know this doesn't sound very technical but just turning your router off and on is often enough to fix a connection problem.
  4. Reboot your computer

    Again, this could fix your problem. But if you've already tried this and you're persistently losing your connection, then the cause could be something more fundamental...
  5. Check your micro-filters

    If you're plugging any item into a socket on your broadband line - phone, router, modem, fax, alarm, TV, whatever - you must always plug it into a micro-filter before plugging it into the line socket.

    Dodgy connections are sometimes caused by a faulty micro-filter so it's worth checking each one that you've got on your line. So disconnect every piece of equipment that you've got connected to your line then reconnect each item one at a time. Each time you reconnect something, check your broadband connection.
  6. Check your extensions

    Another possibility is that you've got a faulty extension. If you can easily plug your computer into the line without using the extension, give it a try. If that fixes the problem, replace the extension lead. If it doesn't, you'll need to go to step 7.
  7. Use our online diagnostics

    Go to our Repair Centre where you'll be able to identify, fix, report, and track your fault online. It's simple to use but effective: we'll take you through a series of steps, we'll run some tests on your line, and (if we can't fix the fault there and then), we'll arrange for an engineer to come out to you (where that's appropriate).

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