How do I turn off predictive text?

To turn off predictive text on an HTC S620 handset, press the Fn and SPACE keys at the same time, then select ABC for normal keyboard use without predictive text.

To turn off predictive text on an HTC S710 handset, use the *T9 key to select the required mode.

To turn off predictive text on HTC TyTN II/Touch handsets:

  1. On your handset’s home screen, tap on the Start button and select Settings > Input. The Input Method tab is displayed by default.
  2. From the Input method list, select Keyboard.
  3. Tap on the Word Completion tab.
  4. Uncheck the Suggest words when entering text box.
  5. Tap on the ok button.

If you have an HTC Touch handset, you can also turn off predictive text when entering text by using the on-screen keypad. Tap on Option on the keyboard and check the Precise Input Mode box.


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