I am constantly exceeding my usage limits. What can I do?

Here are a few tips to minimise data usage:

  • Turn off automatic updates. Many programs will automatically check for updates and download new software. Turn this functionality off. But remember to turn this back on when you have the bandwidth to do so.
  • Use webmail – the web based version of your email program. You can choose not to download any large attachments when out of the office, thereby reducing your data usage.
  • Get rid of Adware or Spyware programs. Not only do these programs leave you prone to attack by computer viruses, but they also use up your valuable data allowance. Get rid of them! If you are a BT Business customer, sign up for the BT PC Security - www.bt.com/internetsecurity. Alternatively, you can download free online security tools from Microsoft for example.
  • Turn off images when you surf. In Internet Explorer, click ‘Tools’, then ‘Internet Options’, then the 'Advanced' tab, and scroll down the list to Multimedia. Here, uncheck the 'Show pictures' box and the ‘Play animations in webpages' box. The procedure is similar in all browsers.

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