How can I get a VAT invoice?

You can only download a VAT invoice if you've registered for an online account and you've opted for paper-free billing.

If you still get your bill in the post, this bill is your VAT invoice. Because of HMRC rules, if you receive a paper invoice, the bill you can download online will be marked 'Copy'.

If you're paper-free and want your VAT invoice

  1. Sign in to My BT Business account
  2. Go to the My Bills tab on the left hand menu, select the account and bill you want to view, then click View
  3. From the top right-hand corner select VAT summary

    Bill Usage
  4. You'll now see an online version of your VAT summary - to get a copy of the VAT invoice (for tax and HMRC purposes), look at the Important Information box and click on the download in PDF link at the bottom of the page

    Bill Important Information
  5. Click the PDF radio button on the pop-up that appears

    Bill Download
  6. Click Download
  7. Click Open
  8. Print

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