Why are you introducing a fee for paper bills?

We've worked hard to improve our online billing service, so that all our customers can enjoy hassle-free paperless billing as a standard. So we've decided to introduce a Paper Bill Fee* for paper-bills.

With our new online billing service you'll have everything you need to hand, in one safe place. That means you can easily find and compare one bill to another - without trawling through piles of paper. And if you need more detail, click and it's there.

Plus, the built-in reports let you see what you've spent, on what and when and if you need to see more, you can create your own to. You can even set up email alerts to tell you when something out of the ordinary happens, like higher call costs, calls out of hours or premium numbers being called.

And don't worry, we'll always email you let you know when your bill is ready. Plus, you can download and save copies just in case HMRC need to see them and if you want, you can print a page or two for your annual accounts.

But our new billing service isn't the only reason. We're a responsible business, committed to sustainability and reducing our waste. So reducing the amount of paper we produce that could be wasted is important to us. By encouraging customers to choose paper-free billing, this helps us to do this.

* Exclusions apply. The BT Price List contains the full details www.bt.com/pricing and go to section 15.


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