Getting Started with Mozy Backup

This guide is made for customers who have purchased Mozy Backup. Below are a few articles to help you to get started with the service.

How to set up Mozy Backup on a PC / Mac

Which encryption method is best for me?

How do I purchase more storage capacity?

How can I access my backed up files on my mobile devices?

How can I find out who is my Mozy administrator?

How do I change the storage allocation for each of my devices?

I've deleted / amended a file by mistake. How can I restore a previous version?

I've lost my computer data, how do I restore my files?

What do I do if I forget my Mozy Backup password?

If you need any more help regarding how to use your Mozy Backup service, a knowledge base is available here. Steps and advice given for Mozy Backup and Mozy Pro will apply to your version of the service.


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