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How can I set up a reverse DNS on my domain name?

If you are running your own local mail server you may encounter problems sending emails unless you have reverse DNS lookup (rDNS) setup. This means that if someone looks up the IP address of your mail server they can then see it tracks to the domain or sub-domain you use for your email.

If you're using one of our static IP addresses we can setup custom rDNS setup (at our discretion) for no additional cost. To set this up please contact us using our reverse DNS form providing the following information:

  • Your BT provided static IP address you wish to use (e.g. 213.x.x.x). This is usually the static IP address you've assigned to your mail server.We can do this for up to 8 static IP address. If you require more we'll need you to provide a technical justification for each rDNS record.
  • The domain or sub-domain you use for your mail server (e.g. Please note we may require proof you own the domain before we can setup the rDNS entry.

We'll usually process your request within 7 days and email you to confirm it's been done.

Please note that setting up of rDNS records is at our discretion.

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