Error: The following devices on your network are using a large number of Internet sessions

Also known as Excessive Sessions Detection, this error is displayed when a large number of Internet sessions are started within a short space of time. It may be caused by a ‘blaster’ type virus, the use of peer-to-peer applications for downloading files or Internet games installed on the device. These excessive sessions may cause your network speed to slow down and your monthly bandwidth limit to be used up more quickly.

If this error is displayed, it should provide the name or IP address of the device on your local network which is causing the error. If you have more than one device on your network, be aware that the error may be being caused by another PC or device, not the device that displayed the error message in Internet Explorer. It is important to make a note of the PC or device on your network that is triggering the error message, so that you can pinpoint the cause of the issue.

BT strongly recommend that you protect yourself against viruses by installing anti-virus software on every PC connected to your network.

For further information on virus protection products, please see

The free Desktop Help tool identifies problems with your broadband, email or wi-fi connection and provides suggestions on quick fixes. For further information and to download Desktop Help, please see 'Desktop Help' - the quick fix download.


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