Why have I received a domain expiry notification from Nominet?

Nominet is the national body that manages .uk domain names. When a domain expires, Nominet write to its owner, offering them a final chance to renew the domain through Nominet. However, this is much more expensive than going through your original registrar. If you have received a notification from Nominet, it means that your registrar (in this case BT Business) has not been able to automatically renew your domain name.

Automatic domain renewal through BT Business cannot be completed successfully without up-do-date payment information. If your payment information has changed recently, please follow the instructions on how to update your payment details supplied in the reminder emails sent to your administrator email address  prior to the expiry date of your domain. These emails are sent repeatedly right up to the renewal due date unless action has already been taken.


  • If you have an expired domain of any type, you can renew it through BT Business for up to 90 days after the domain has expired by using the Domain Renewal page within the BT Domains Centre.
  • BT do not currently charge a premium for renewing expired domains. However, BT cannot guarantee that the domain will still be available through the expired domain route.
  • You are strongly advised to ensure that the payment details for any domains purchased with a credit card are up-to-date and that you check for correspondence from BT as your renewal period approaches.

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