Call Barring allows you to bar certain types of calls from being made from your phone and also allows you to bar incoming calls.

Before you start, ensure that the telephone you're using is set to tone dialling. If it doesn't have tone dialling or it's already set and is not accepting the barring then try another telephone.

Barring all calls to your phone:

To bar all incoming calls to your phone, dial *261#

To check whether Call Barring on all incoming calls is active, dial *#261#

To cancel barring all incoming calls, dial #261#

Barring calls from your phone:

To bar outgoing calls from your phone, dial *34code#. Use the relevant code from the table below.

To check whether Call Barring on outgoing calls is active, dial *#34#

To cancel barring on outgoing calls, dial #34code*PIN#. Use the relevant code from the table below.

The codes for outgoing Call Barring are as follows:

1 Bars almost all calls including BT Answer 1571 and Call minder. Cancelling this option also cancels any other options you've barred.
2 Bars national and international calls and calls to mobiles.
3 Bars international calls.
4 Bars all operator calls, BT Text (SMS text messages) and BT Text Direct 18001 and 18002.
5 Bars calls to numbers with a * or # in them (includes some calling features, but allows you to cancel this option).
7 Bars calls to premium rate numbers.


  • For customers on certain exchanges, using 2 or 3 also bars premium rate services. After selecting this option, if you find that calls to premium rate services are barred and you do not want them to be, please call 0800 800 152.
  • Calls to messaging services using 1571 can be barred under outgoing call barring code 1. This is because calling 1571 may lead to a chargeable call. It is also essential to remember that calls can be made via an operator unless they unless they are barred with code 4.
  • Call Barring is not available to In Contact Plus customers.

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If you are looking to bar individual numbers from contacting you then you may want to consider the Choose to Refuse service, which will allow you to bar up to 10 numbers from calling you.

If your looking for Featureline information see Featureline Call Barring


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