How secure is BT Business Mobile Broadband?

Data sent using BT Business Mobile Broadband is secure. Mobile data security is achieved through three layers of encoding:

  • The first layer is in the mobile device itself.
  • The second layer is in the mobile site.
  • The third layer is in the network.

Each of these layers adds millions of additional code possibilities, making the codes virtually impossible to crack.

If you want to connect to your office's internal network so that you can work away from the office with access into your internal network, you may want to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for added security. This keeps your entire businesses information secure because you connect with your company's internal network through a secure IP (Internet Protocol) network.

BT Wi-fi uses 128-bit key encryption during login to protect the transfer of your data. Account traffic is encrypted and your account is password protected. BT recommends that you keep your password safe and install robust firewall and anti-virus software.


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