We're making some improvements to our Manage services website that'll make it easier to use. We've started to move customers to the new site but it's going to take a while until we move everyone over.  In the meantime, we're using two different sets of answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions. This isn't ideal, we know.

To make sure you get the right answer to your question, we first need to check which Manage services website you're on.

Which Manage services website am I on?

  1. Sign in to Manage services
  2. Take a look at the screen you see after you've signed in
  3. Click on the image below that matches your actual Manage services screen (the new one has a purple right hand column titled Hello followed by your name)

We'll then show you the right answer to your question.

Click on the image above which is closest to the site you see after signing in. More help will then appear here.

Upgrading if you are on the current Manage service website

If you already have BT Business Broadband, you can order additional products to upgrade your Web hosting including more web space, extra bandwidth, Starter Web hosting, Professional Web hosting and BT eShop packages.

To upgrade your Web hosting:

  1. Log into Manage services.
  2. In the Web Hosting section, click on the Upgrade your web hosting link:

    Web Hosting

    The following is displayed:

    Upgrade options for BT Web Hosting
  3. Click on the Order now link under the Web hosting package that you require.

    To learn more about any of the products listed, click on the Find out more link under the summary of the product.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.

Upgrading if you are on the new Manage service website

Please visit our BT Web hosting sales pages to learn more and chat to an adviser about upgrading.


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