Reminder Call allows you to use Featureline as an alarm clock.


There is a small charge for each call booked whether or not you answer it. This charge is itemised on your bill.

If you don’t answer a Reminder Call or the line is engaged, the BT exchange will make one further attempt to get through after a few minutes.

Reminder Calls are not affected by Call Diversion.

To set a Reminder Call, dial *55*[time]# (where [time] is the time you require using the 24 hour clock).

For example, *55*0730# books a reminder call for 7.30am, and *55*1730# books a reminder call for 5.30pm.

To check that a Reminder Call is set up, dial *#55#.

To cancel a Reminder Call, dial #55*[time]#.


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