Featureline: Hunt Group Queuing

Hunt Group Queuing is an option available to Featureline hunt group customers. With Hunt Group Queuing, if all the lines in a hunt group are engaged, incoming calls are placed in a queue while they are waiting to be answered and as soon as a line is free they are connected.


  • Hunt Group Queuing allows up to nine calls in total to be held in the queue.
  • Callers held in the queue hear a ringing tone and are not charged until the call is answered.
  • If Hunt Group Diversion is active on all calls, the queue is deactivated. If Hunt Group Diversion is active on busy, diversion only occurs if the queue is full. If Hunt Group Diversion is active on no reply, diversion occurs approximately six rings after the call has been presented to an extension.
  • Any incoming call which exceeds the number of calls allowed in the queue receives the engaged tone.

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