Can I use ASP or ASP.NET with your hosting?

Yes. ASP and ASP.Net will all work on our BT Advanced Hosting (BT Professional Hosting) package. These services aren't enabled by default so you'll need to  upload your website and then follow the steps below:

  1. Open the BT Website Centre.
  2. Click on the Web Site Management tab.
  3. Under Advanced Management click on the Show more option.
  4. Select Windows Services and then Launch.
  5. Select either the ASP or ASP.NET tab.
  6. Click in the tickbox to enable ASP or ASP.NET. If this option isn't available make sure the site you uploaded has definitely been built using ASP or ASP.NET.

We don't currently support MSSQL Databases so you'll need to use either MySQL or MS Access if your site needs a database.


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