How do I authorise or restrict user access to secure areas of my site?

If you have BT Professional Hosting (Advanced Web Hosting) you can use the Website Security feature to restrict access some or all of your website. If you use this you'll be asked to specify user details and have the option of limiting it to certain IP addresses.

To access Website Security:

  1. Login to the BT Website Centre.
  2. Select the Manage Websites tab (next to Home).
  3. In the Advanced Tools section hover your pointer over Website Security and select the Launch button.
  4. You can now choose the directory or directories you want to secure, then click the Edit Directory button to make changes.

You'll now be able to setup users who can access that directory. If you want to restrict them to certain IP addresses you can choose this under Advanced Options.

Useful tip: You can also setup restrictions using .htaccess or .htpasswd files on both BT Starter Hosting & BT Professional Hosting. Whilst we can't help with or provide support for these you'll find a wealth of information online on how to setup and use these.


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