I cannot connect to Broadband. What can I do?

First we'd suggest checking our service status page or call our free automated service on 0800 169 0199 to see if there's a problem where you are.

You can try fixing many problems yourself, with a few simple checks, some of the most common broadband problems are shown below:

Connecting to Broadband for the first time.

  • Has your broadband been switched on yet? - The service should be activated by midnight on the date provided in your welcome emails and letters.
  • Check your network login and username are correct - These are in the first 2 emails we sent to you.

To see the progress of your order visit: Track an order.

Already Activated?

  1. Check your landline - if there’s a fault on the line it can stop your broadband connection from working. A good simple check is to see if there's no dial tone or lots of interference on the line. We'd also recommend checking to see if there's a fault on your landline.
  2. Switch your device and router off and on again - And, if the equipment is hot, let it cool down and look for somewhere better ventilated to keep it.
  3. Check there hasn't been a problem with your bill - if a bill hasn't been paid, we'll initially suspend the broadband connection. Registered users can check this online: see If your bill needs to be paid.
  4. Try another micro-filter - We might have sent you a spare filter when you first installed your broadband or you can use one from another phone socket.
  5. Try plugging your router/hub into the test socket - see how to use the test socket on your mastersocket.

Still not working?

You can identify, fix, report and track faults online at the Repair Centre.


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