My wireless connection is slower than normal: what can I do?

The most likely possibility here is that something has changed in your premises, which is causing your wireless connection to run more slowly than it should do.

So here are a few things you can try (in no particular order) that may improve the strength of your wireless connection:

  1. Don't use wireless

    No, we're not trying to be clever. If your Hub is already near your computer, connect with an Ethernet cable instead of using the wireless.

    You'll need Ethernet cables called Patch cables, or straight Ethernet cables, which you can buy from BT Business Direct or your usual supplier.

    You'll always get a better connection with a cable.
  2. Think about where you keep your Hub

    However, you're probably reading this FAQ because you can't connect with a cable, which is why you're using wireless. In that case, you need to take a look at where you're positioning your Hub.

    • Don't keep your Hub in a cupboard, under a desk, or hidden away behind metal objects. It must be out on a table, a shelf, or on another surface. Basically, you must be able to see it.
    • Set up the Hub and computer at least 20 feet away from any large electrical equipment that you use in your business.
    • Try to minimise the number of barriers, such as walls and ceilings, between the Hub and your computer.
    • Keep the Hub away from metal surfaces and structure supports.
    • If you're using a desktop computer, with an external wireless card or dongle, make sure the card or dongle is above the desk. You may need to use a USB cable to do this.
  3. Change your wireless adapter

    The Business Hub 3 uses the latest 'wireless-n' technology to give you a fast, secure connection. If your wireless adapter isn't compatible with 'n' technology, you won't get the speed that you'd expect from your Hub.

    You can get round this easily by buying a new wireless adapter. Just make sure that it's a 'wireless-n' adapter.
  4. Change your wireless channel

    Another possibility is that there's now more wireless interference in your neighbourhood. Maybe a neighbour is using the same channel as you. You could find that you can improve your connection just by changing the wireless channel that your Hub's using.

    Changing the channel is straightforward. Just follow the steps within Get help with your hub 2 (2700 or 2701) or in How do I change the wireless channel on my BT Business Hub 3?

But if you've tried all this and you're still having a problem, go to our Repair Centre where you'll be able to identify, fix, report, and track your fault online .


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