Setting up broadband on a Business Hub 2700 or 2701

Once you have received your equipment from us and your activation date has passed, you can set up your broadband.

If it isn't your activation date yet, please wait until your activation date before setting up your broadband. Your service may not be activated until 8pm on your activation day. Your activation date is in your welcome letter or email.

If you ’re moving an existing broadband connection to us, your existing connection will stop working. When this happens, you can start setting up your Hub.

To set up BT Business Broadband:

  1. Check your box contents. You should have:

    • BT Business Hub (including stand)
    • Two ADSL filters
    • Power adapter
    • User guide and CD
    • Grey broadband cable
    • Yellow Ethernet cable
    • Blue USB cable
    • BT Business Broadband Voice adapter
    • You may not need all of the items provided to set up your broadband.
    • If something you need to use is missing, please contact us.
  2. If you already connect to the Internet using a modem, router or Hub, unplug it to avoid problems with your new broadband connection:

    • If your computer is using a built-in modem unplug the cable running from your computer to the phone socket.
    • If your computer connects to a separate modem, router or Hub unplug any cables running from it to your computer, phone socket and mains power.
  3. Fit an ADSL filter to every phone socket that you use on your broadband line. Any devices (telephones, faxes, extension bells, digital TV boxes or monitored alarm systems) that plug into your phone line need filters fitted to them.

    To fit an ADSL filter, unplug the device from the socket, plug an ADSL filter into the socket, then plug the device you just unplugged into the ADSL filter's phone socket.

    • If you already have broadband and ADSL filters attached to your phone lines from your previous broadband service, you can leave them in place and re-use them with BT Business Broadband.
    • You may get interference on your line if your ADSL filters aren't fitted correctly.
  4. Plug the grey broadband cable into the DSL socket on your Hub and the ADSL modem socket on one of the ADSL filters.
  5. Plug the power cable into your Hub’s power socket and a nearby mains power supply.
  6. Wait for your Hub’s Broadband light to glow steady green. You may need to wait a few minutes.

    Note: Other lights may be on.
  7. If you want to connect your computer to your Hub by using the CD, insert the CD into your computer, wait a few moments for the CD to start and then follow the on-screen instructions.

    If you use Windows Vista, your CD won’t run automatically. For further information on what to do, please see Running the installation CD on Windows Vista.

    If you want to connect your computer to your Hub by using a wireless connection, please see Setting up a wireless connection.
  8. Once you have connected your broadband, you can activate additional services including security, email, content screening, access control and BT Business Broadband Voice.

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