The Network Terminating Equipment (NTE) is a standalone unit that can be installed in a variety of ways including desktop or a suitable 19" equipment cabinet and provides the network interface between your terminal equipment (CPE) and the BT network.

Please don't touch the connections to the BT network. If you alter the line connections in any way, you may set off remote alarms in the BT network and your service may be affected.

Any on-site wiring and equipment beyond the NTE is your responsibility, and should be maintained by the relevant contractor. This may be BT or an independent supplier.

When the BT engineer installs the NTE, you will be supplied with the identity of the MegaStream Ethernet circuit(s) being provided (MEUK), the identity of the Fibre Access bearers (CSAC/GSAC) and a MegaStream Ethernet network ID (MEPN/MEHS).

For any subsequent circuits that are ordered and provided on the same NTE, it will not normally be necessary for an engineer to visit your site. You will be contacted by BT and provided with details of the MegaStream Ethernet circuit and the CSAC/GSAC bearer that the service will appear on. The circuit identity should then be written down for future reference.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the end user of the MegaStream Ethernet service is provided with the circuit, CSAC bearer and network identifiers provided by BT for future reference. These IDs should be used if you encounter a problem with the service.

The NTE interfaces via connections on the front panel to your equipment and to the BT optical fibre network connecting your premises to the BT network.


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