What types of Analogue Private Circuits are available?

Analogue Private Circuits are the simplest form of dedicated connection between two fixed points within the UK. They are available as two or four wire variants for voice and low speed data traffic.

The following types are available:

  • Analogue Standard (Speech and Data)

    Analogue Standard is a two wire presented point-to-point circuit, either between two telephones, from a telephone to a central switchboard, or as a low speed link into a central computer. It is not suitable for automatic signalling, tandem working, or for extending PSTN calls.
  • Analogue Premier

    Analogue Premier is a high quality two wire presented point-to-point circuit suitable for external extensions or for building a network. It can be linked in tandem to offer end -to-end transmission through an intermediate location.
  • Analogue Network

    Analogue Network is a high quality four wire presented circuit offering maximum network flexibility, plus the ability to extend internal calls onward through a private network. Alternative speech and data working is possible and inter-register multi-frequency signaling can be used.
  • Baseband Standard & Premier

    Baseband is a range of two and four wire presented circuits specifically designed for use with Baseband terminal equipment. Baseband is only available between premises within the same BT exchange area and only then when an unloaded continuous metallic path exists. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) modems are frequently used on Baseband circuits.


    BT provides no guarantee this technology will work over a Baseband circuit.
  • Multipoint Standard & Premier

    Multipoint circuits are designed for data transmission that can link up to 12 outstations to a single central station. These services comprise of local ends, branching points, main links and spurs.
  • Analogue DealerStream

    This was developed especially for London City dealers. DealerStream circuits are offered where both circuit ends terminate within the 0207 area also known as the Central London Zone. The Analogue 2w and 4w variants are known as DealerStream 1 to 6.
  • Extension Speechline services

    Extension SpeechLine Standard & Premier were withdrawn in November 1999 and superseded by Analogue Standard and Analogue Premier respectively.

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