What equipment is supplied with the KiloStream service?

BT’s digital private circuits terminate at your premises on a network terminating unit (NTU).

Any on-site wiring and equipment beyond the NTU is your responsibility and maintained by the relevant contractor. This may be BT or an independent supplier.

One of our engineers will connect the NTU to the BT network. If you alter this line connection in any way, you will set off remote alarms within the BT network and your service will be affected.

If you have ordered a single circuit, the NTU is contained in a rectangular box. The lights on the front of the unit, in conjunction with the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) show the operating state of the circuit. The unit can be wall mounted, using appropriate fixing screws, or laid flat.

If you have ordered a number of lines or a network of services at a single site, you will need a multiple NTU. This installation normally consists of a series of NTUs in card form. Each card will be shelf mounted in a stacking system.

There is only one LCD for a shelf of multiple NTUs. To select the NTU for which you want to display details on the LCD, press the appropriate DISP button. A yellow LA light confirms the NTU you’ve selected. The LCD will continue to show information from that NTU until you press another DISP button.


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