What equipment is supplied with the MegaStream 2 service?

BT Digital Private Circuits terminate at your premises on Network Terminating Equipment (NTE).

Please don’t touch the connections to the BT network, as you may set off remote alarms within the BT network.

Any on-site wiring and equipment beyond the NTE is your responsibility, and maintained by the relevant contractor. This may be BT or an independent supplier.

There are various methods used for delivery of your MegaStream Private Circuit including desktop, wall or cabinet mounted options. Single circuits can be delivered using CWSS and for multiple circuits optical fibre NTE’s delivering 4 x 2 and 16 x 2M/bit circuits are also used.

When the BT engineer installs the NTE, a label will be attached showing the identity of the NTE (SNEId number) and the identity of the circuit(s) being provided on the tributaries.

For any subsequent circuits that are ordered and are provided on the same NTE, it will not normally be necessary for an engineer to visit. You will be contacted by BT and provided with details of the NTE identity and the tributary number that the service will appear on. The circuit identity should then be written on the label for future reference.

The four 2Mbit/s tributaries are located on the rear of the NTE. Each 2Mbit/s tributary has three connector types and you can connect your CPE to the NTE either via a 75 Ohm unbalanced line or via 120 Ohm balanced line or via an X21 connector. Only one connector should be used for each circuit at any time. The X21 interface has a maximum cabling distance of 75 metres.


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