MegaStream 1 provides a 1Mbit/s (1024kbit/s) high-speed permanently connected point to point private circuit, suitable for both voice and data applications, either channelised or unstructured. It can be geared down to any increment of 64kbit/s bandwidth to fit with your existing equipment.

MegaStream 1 can be presented as a structured G703 interface (75 ohm unbalanced BNC or 120 ohm balanced RJ45), depending on your requirements.

Three delivery options are available:

  • The standard delivery option

    This uses a single copper pair.

  • The multiple circuit delivery option

    You can opt for one end of the circuit to be delivered over existing fibre, new fibre or multiplexor equipment. This option is better suited to hub sites where single circuit delivery is impractical.

  • The aggregate delivery option

    This option enables one end of the circuit to be routed over an SDH delivery system to the customer site and is presented as a single 34, 155 or 622Mbit/s (G703, STM-1o/e or STM-4o) respectively. This may be the preferred option if you want a large number of Mx1 terminations.


    You must order a minimum of 11 circuits with Mx2 orders counting towards the total to qualify for an Aggregate Interface delivery option, unless suitable plant with spare capacity is already installed.

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