What are the technical specifications of IP Converge ADSL Access?

IP Converge ADSL access connections are delivered via BT’s DSL infrastructure and presented to you via a BT maintained NTE device and single LAN presentation on your premises. One NTE is provided for each IP Converge ADSL connection to the service. The IP Converge ADSL access is only delivered as a standard type, that is, IP Converge ADSL access cannot be used as a gateway/host site.

IP Converge ADSL Connect use advanced ‘Rate Adaptive’ broadband technology. This type of technology does not run at fixed speeds. The speed of the Service will be the fastest speed that the Customer’s analogue direct exchange line can support. Typically downstream speeds of between 8M -20M may be achieved for ADSL Connect, ADSL Connect Premium, ADSL Connect Back-up and ADSL Connect Plus. Downstream Speeds of between 4M-8M may be achieved for ADSL Connect Max. Where the ADSL1 option is selected, downstream speeds will be restricted to up to 8M and upstream speeds will be restricted to up to 832k. Downstream and upstream speeds are not guaranteed and will vary depending on various factors which include proximity of the Customer Site to the BT Local Exchange, the length and quality of any internal wiring; the processing speed of the router or modem being used, the speed of the connection between the computer and the router/modem; time of day.


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