IP Converge provides a Wide Area Network (WAN) managed by BT and provides with six levels of class of service. This allows voice and critical application traffic to be prioritised so that you can use one network for all your voice and data. A range of auditing and monitoring services is also available to help you understand and optimise your network and traffic.

A managed Local Area Network (LAN) that integrates with your WAN and/or existing technology can be provided by a number of different suppliers technologies. Providing you with secure site to site connectivity on the same contract as your WAN.

IP telephony can also be integrated with both your WAN and LAN contract through various different communication systems, from multiple suppliers. This can include contact centre capability and conferencing.

Specific Unified Communications applications can be provided that are enabled through your WAN, LAN and IPT infrastructure. This can include presence technology, conferencing and other improved methods of communication. This can all be supported with added security applications such as firewalls.


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