How does Best Connected work?

Clicking on the centre button to connect causes BT Access Manager to select the best available network profile, in the following order (highest to lowest priority):

  • My Ethernet
  • My Wi-Fi
  • BT Wi-fi
  • BT Mobile Data
  • PAYG Wi-Fi

If a network profile is available, a message is displayed stating which one it is, along with any required configuration details, for example, SSID or network adapter.

Clicking on Yes chooses and starts the connection. Clicking on No causes BT Access Manager to select the next best network profile available. If one is available, BT Access Manager displays another message stating whether this network profile should be chosen.

If a network profile is rejected (that is, you have clicked on No) in a particular session, you are not prompted again to move connection until you manually disconnect by either clicking on the centre button or closing and restarting BT Access Manager. If you decline all of the currently available network profiles, BT Access Manager remains in a state where it searches for any new network profiles to become available.

BT Access Manager also remembers the wi-fi networks (SSIDs) that you have previously connected to. These are known as favourites. When the My wi-fi network profile is chosen, any favourite SSIDs that are available are shown prior to any other available SSIDs. BT Access Manager automatically starts the connection to the favourite SSID after 10 seconds. The favourite SSID selected is the one you have most frequently connected to.


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