As part of your BT Mobile Broadband, BT Access Manager helps you to control your wi-fi, HSPA and Ethernet connections, automatically selecting the best available by default.

Five network profiles are included with BT Access Manager:

My Wi-Fi: This connects you to your home or office wi-fi network, allowing you to configure settings for multiple different wi-fi networks.

BT Wi-fi: When you are in range of a compatible Hotspot, connects you to BT Wi-fi or BT FON wi-fi.

PAYG Wi-Fi: This allows you to connect to a non-BT Wi-fi wi-fi provider, by presenting you with the provider's login page.

BT Mobile Data: This connects you to the internet via our high speed 4G and HSPA network, as well as partner networks when roaming abroad.

My Ethernet: This connects you to a network via Ethernet (a network cable).

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