What is online billing and what are the benefits?

Online billing means that you can manage your BT Business bills and VAT invoices securely online, through our website www.bt.com/billing.

With a paper bill, all you get is what's printed on the paper. You'll get a summary of your call charges up to the date of the bill, you'll get some details about the calls you've made, and you'll get basic information about your rental charges. You'll also get it in a standard format.

Online billing is very different, giving you more information, more flexibility, and much more control. With online billing, you get:

  • Immediate access to your BT Business bills and VAT invoices whenever you want, from any PC, anywhere
  • The ability to make payments and set up Direct Debits 24/7
  • Simple-to-use analysis of your bills
  • You have the option to display your calling information in graph formats, so it's really easy to understand your calling patterns
  • Up to 15 months of bill and call information at your fingertips, with no paperwork to plough through
  • Downloadable and printable bills and VAT invoices, approved by HM Revenue & Customs
  • Emailed alerts telling you if your calls hit certain levels so you can keep on eye on costs
  • An email notification telling you when your next bill is ready to view
  • Bin your paper bills - save space, reduce waste, and save time

Interested? Sign up at www.bt.com/billing for online billing now and switch to paper-free today.


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