Where can I find my BT account number?

You'll find your account number on your bill. If you haven't had one yet, or if you're paper-free, it's also on the 'welcome' email we sent you.

The account number is the first two letters and eight numbers. For example: CC 4000 3210.

Bill type 1

We've got a few differing formats, so your bill details may look like one of these instead:

Bill type 2

Bill type 3

If you can't find your account number, you'll need to call us.

Please click Contact us at the bottom of this page.

  • Your account number is a very valuable piece of information as it's what you need to access your online account. As you'd expect, we're very careful about only giving your account number to you, the account holder.
  • We need to make sure that we're keeping your confidential information completely secure so please be patient with our call centre agents when they ask you their security questions.

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