How and when does BT bill me?

We send you a bill each quarter. Due to the number of customers we have, we split the year into three groups so that our customers get their bills in different months, depending on which group they are in.

  • Group 1 receive their bills in January, April, July and October
  • Group 2 receive their bills in February, May, August and November
  • Group 3 receive their bills in March, June, September and December

We place all new customers into Group 1. So, as a new customer, your first bill will charge you from the day you started with us until the end of whichever quarter you are currently in within Group 1.

We may change your group from the second bill, depending on the products and services that you have. Sometimes, when you move to another group, your second bill will show an overlap of charges. Don't worry - we won't charge you twice for the same period; if there is an overlap you'll see a credit for it on the bill.


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