How do I test my broadband connection speed?

You can check your current speed on the BT Speed tester.

To make sure your results are accurate you'll need to:

  1. Connect your PC to the business hub by Ethernet cable, as any other connection will give wrong results.
  2. Close down all your applications, leaving only one browser window open.
    If you're updating applications like Windows update or anti-virus scan make sure these have finished before running the speed test.
  3. You'll need exclusive use of the network, so make sure any other users aren't downloading or uploading, while the test is running.
  4. Now, go to the Speed tester.
  5. Go through the on screen check list.
  6. Select Yes to confirm that you completed all the steps.
  7. Select Go.

You'll get your speed result after a few minutes, with comments about the test and links to further information.

Internet speed can vary, so your speed test result is a snapshot of your download speed at the time you run the test.

If the test shows that your connection is slower than you expect, see My Broadband connection is slow. What can I do?

To use the Speed tester, your device must support Adobe Flash player and have it installed. If you have a problem running it, check for the latest version of Flash player.


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