What are the Customer Controlled Call Forwarding / Diversion options?

Customer Controlled Call Forwarding diverts calls to all numbers to a single number of your choosing. This call-forwarding option is applied by you by programming your equipment to divert the calls. This means it is exchange-independent. Contact your equipment manufacturers if you are unsure whether your equipment supports the service. To enable call forwarding on the line, ring ISDN30/30e Business Sales.

Speech only or 3.1Khz calls can be forwarded to the PSTN. After the initial diversion, a call can be forwarded repeatedly up to a total of 4 times.

The forwarded leg of the call is chargeable. The charges appear on your bill along with the subscription for the forwarding service.

The following options are available when you use this type of forwarding:

  • Call Forwarding / Diversion Unconditional (CFU)
    All incoming calls are immediately forwarded to the nominated destination number.
  • Call Forwarding / Diversion on No Reply (CFNR)
    All calls are forwarded to the nominated destination number if the call is not answered within approximately 20 seconds.
  • Call Forwarding on Busy (CFB) / Call Divert on Engaged and Failure on DASS

All calls are forwarded to the nominated destination number if the line is engaged


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