What options do I have for forwarding calls made to my number?

There are two ways of implementing call forwarding on ISDN2e:

  • Admin Controlled Call Forwarding

    Admin Controlled Call Forwarding (ACCF) is an exchange-controlled call forwarding option. This means that it does not require special equipment. To set up this service, please contact us. The service is active within 24 hours.
  • Customer Controlled Call Forwarding

    Customer Controlled Call Forwarding (CCCF) diverts calls to all numbers to a single number of your choosing. This call-forwarding option is applied by you by programming your equipment to divert the calls. This means it is exchange-independent. Contact your equipment manufacturers if you are unsure whether your equipment supports the service. To enable call forwarding on the line, please contact us.

Note: The forwarded leg of the call is chargeable. The charges appear on your bill along with the subscription for the forwarding service.

The following options are available for both Admin- and Customer-Controlled forwarding:

  • Call Forwarding Unconditional (CFU)

    All incoming calls are immediately forwarded to the nominated destination number.
  • Call Forwarding on No Reply (CFNR)

    All calls are forwarded to the nominated destination number if the call is not answered within approximately 20 seconds.
  • Call Forwarding on Busy (CFB)

    All calls are forwarded to the nominated destination number if the line is engaged.

    Note: If you have an ISDN2e line with MSNs present, the call forwarding is configurable on a per MSN basis. This is not possible with admin-provided call forwarding, and also not possible if you are using DDI numbering.

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