How do I activate and install BT PC Security?

Once you've ordered BT PC Security, you'll receive a welcome email confirming your order. If you do not activate all of your licences, you will be sent further emails three and six weeks after the purchase date, reminding you to activate your licences.

To activate and install BT PC Security:

  1. Log into My BT Business account.
  2. Click on the Manage services link at the top of the page.
  3. In the BT PC Security section, click on the Manage BT PC Security link.
  4. A dialog box will appear, click on the Download button.

    • If you are secondary user and don't see a Download button, ask your primary user to assign a BT PC Security licence to you.
    • Following the user assignment of a security license, you'll receive a welcome email and can proceed with downloading and installing BT PC Security.
  5. Click on the McAfee download button and accept the license EULA (if you do not accept this, you cannot use the product).
  6. Make a note of the license key, as you may need it during installation (although usually it is not needed).
  7. Click on the run button.
  8. Click on the run button again. The installer will scan for existing security software to see if it can uninstall it.
  9. Click on the continue button.
  10. Click on the reboot button. Your computer will restart. After the reboot, the installer will resume and commence installation of BT PC Security.
  11. Click on the finish button.
  12. Update your software with the latest library of malware. When the tick is displayed, the installation is complete. Minimise the BT PC Security software to continue using your computer.

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