How do I register my website with search engines and improve my ranking?

To ensure that your website is successful your customers need to find it. The most effective route is by making your site is prominent and easy to find in search engines.

Registering your website with search engines

  1. Wait to be picked up
    Your site will be automatically scanned within a few weeks of going live. Normally your site should then be indexed and can be found using the search engine.
  2. Submit manually
    Most search engines will allow you to submit your site to them once published. This doesn't speed things up massively but doesn't hurt.
  3. Custom submission & ads
    You can pay a company to optimise and promote your site for you. This can slightly speed up the registration process and often helps get a higher ranking in the long run. We offer a search marketing service called Pay-per-clicks which can help with this.

Improving your website's ranking

Improving your search engine ranking position is an activity which needs continual attention and focus. We’ve put together the Practical SEO for Free guide which contains some of the best practice hints and tips to help you improve your search engine ranking position.

If you're using EasySiteWizard Professional not all of these tips apply. See the user guide for instructions on how to edit your meta data.


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