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BT Business Plan is our foundation plan offered to our calls and lines customers. It is a value proposition, which rewards customers for loyalty and provides pricing certainty providing effective cost control for businesses.

If you fail to meet your BT Business Plan (Customer Based) committed spend level, then a reconciliation charge may be raised against your account dependent upon what level of spend you achieved.

When you contract for Business Plan, you commit to a level of spend on eligible calls (this is your Committed Call Spend). This Committed Call Spend will sit within a tier. The starting amount for the tier is known as the Nominal Committed Call Spend. If you fail to achieve 85% of the Nominal Committed Call Spend, BT will apply a reconciliation charge. The figure which is 85% of the Nominal Committed Call Spend is known as the Adjusted Nominal Committed Call Spend.

Under Business Plan, spend can be defined as Contributory (which means that it contributes to the achievement of the Committed Spend).

The reason for applying a reconciliation charge is because you will receive preferential pricing (on call charges) in return for committing to spend a set amount on calls with BT. If you fail to achieve this spend, BT need to be able to recover its costs and we do this through the reconciliation charge.

At the end of each year of your contract, BT measures your Total Contributory Spend.

If your Total Contributory Spend is less than the Adjusted Nominal Committed Spend, a reconciliation charge will become due.

Reconciliation charges differ within Business Plan, dependent on the tier you have committed to. The specific calculation as to how the reconciliation charge is charged is set out in the BT Price List at

If you terminate the Business Plan contract, the 'date of termination' will be the date (or pro-rata date if it's before the end of the minimum contract period) when we measure whether or not a reconciliation charge is payable. For Business Plan, we will measure your Total Contributory Spend against the Adjusted Nominal Committed Spend for the 12 month period and apply reconciliation charges if you have not achieved the Adjusted Nominal Committed Spend for that year.

Important note: Contracts with a Committed Spend of £5000.00 or more are only available to customers with 11 or more employees.

Calculating the Reconciliation

At the end of the first 12 months of your contract (and at the end of each further 12 month period), we will measure your spend to see if a reconciliation payment is payable by you.


A reconciliation charge will be payable if on the date that we measure your Total Contributory Spend, it is less than the Adjusted Nominal Committed Spend. Any reconciliation charges will be billed against the billing account nominated on the application form.

For details of BT Business Plan terms and conditions, please see Conditions for BT Business Plan.

For more information on BT's Business Plan prices, please see the BT Price List.


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