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When you apply for service, depending on whether there has been service at the premises previously, you will be charged connection charges for making the line active. The charge covers work an engineer has done to connect the line. The charge will be raised whether an engineer had to visit the premises or not, as the engineer would have carried out work elsewhere. BT would have checked the property using our systems and informed you about the charge before completing the order. This charge will appear on your first bill.

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The cost of a connection charge can be viewed for each of BT's main products by accessing the BT Price List.


Connection charges frequently asked questions:

When are Connection Charges applied?

Connection charges are applied in the following instances:

  • New line provisions.
  • Lines which have no Dial Tone (or Soft Dial Tone). For example, a new line where there has been no previous BT PSTN connection at the location, a new line that's in addition to other BT lines at the premises, and a line where there's no dial tone on the existing BT line at the premises.
  • A replacement to another line at the premises that may have been used for supply of certain other services.

Examples of when you have to pay the Connection charge include:

  • Moving into a new development (despite telephone lines often being pre-fitted, we still need to carry out some work).
  • Taking over a line from cable.
  • Where there's no suitable BT line available in your property.
  • You've been disconnected for non-payment in the past.

(PSTN stands for ‘Public Switched Telephone Network’. It is the analogue and digital network that supports the services that BT provides throughout the UK to its customers.)

When are Transfer Charges applied?

This will apply to a working line (line with Dial Tone) being transferred, or a stopped line which has recently been taken out of service and still has a Soft Dial Tone. In all other circumstances a Connection charge will apply, provided no additional work is required.

On which products do Connection Charges apply?

Connection charges apply to various different products provided by BT such as PSTN and ISDN30. Customers will be informed when they are placing their order whether a Connection charge will apply.


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