BT Business charges explained

You'll see various charges on your bill, depending on what products and services you have from us.

Our charges fall into two broad categories:

  • Regular charges for continuing services like phone line rental, broadband, and mobiles. We charge for these services in advance. The cost you'll see on your bill will be for the forthcoming billing period. If you start a service partway through a billing period, you'll see a charge from the date you started the service to the end of the current billing period plus the charge for the forthcoming billing period.

    Another regular charge that you may see is the Payment Processing Fee.

  • One-off charges for single items or services. This can also include credits if we've give you some money back for some reason (including credits for promotional deals).

    Examples of one-off charges include connection charges, repair charges, and late payment charges.

Connection charges

We charge for connecting a phone line depending on whether or not there has previously been a line at the premises and the condition of the line.

Connection charges will apply to -

  • New line installations
  • Lines that are already in your premises but have no dial tone (you can check this by plugging a phone into your phone socket and having a listen)
  • Replacing a line that looks like it was a phone line but was actually used for something else (an alarm line, for example)
  • Newly built premises that have been pre-wired with phone lines to avoid disruption later
  • Taking over a line from a cable company
  • Reconnecting a line after you've been disconnected for non-payment

We'll have told you about the charges before completing your order.

The charge covers the work that we have to do to connect the line. That work will not always be visible to you because, even if the engineer doesn't need to visit your premises, they'll still have to do some work elsewhere. They'll be in the exchange and in the street cabinet; they may have to work up a pole or underground.

Repair charges

If you report a fault to us and we come out to fix it (or fix it remotely), there is no charge if the fault is with BT equipment or our network if the product or service is under a service guarantee or a maintenance or rental agreement.

But in any of these situations, we will charge you -

  • We don't find a fault.
  • We find a fault but it's on non-BT equipment.
  • The fault is due to damage caused by someone at your premises.
  • The fault is due to theft, loss, or removal of equipment.
  • In the case of customer owned or rented equipment (but not BT's network), faults caused by damage by external or environmental factors (e.g. lightning, electrical surges or floods).

We will always try to tell you if there will be a charge for fixing a fault but we're not always able to do this. Where there is no indication that a charge may be appropriate (for example, the problem has been caused by damage that wasn't mentioned at the time of the report) we may not have advised you of a possible charge.

Late payment charges

We charge you if you're late paying your bill.

The simplest way to avoid paying late payment charges is to pay your bills by Direct Debit.

Here's how it works for customers who don't use Direct Debit:

  • We must receive your payment within 28 days of the date your bill was produced.
  • If you're late, the charge will be applied, so make sure you allow enough time for whichever payment method you choose.
  • The "pay by" date on your bill is the date we recommend you pay by, in order to avoid the charge.
  • The charge will depend on the bill value:
    - for bills up to £999.99 we will charge £40.00;
    - for bills between £1,000 and £9,999.99 we will charge £70;
    - and for bills over £10,000 we will charge £100.

Reconnection-after-non-payment charges

If you don't pay your bill and we temporarily restrict your service, you'll find a charge on your bill for reconnection of your service. This will be on top of the late payment charge.

  • Reconnection after temporary suspension of outgoing calls
    £15.00 excluding VAT
  • Reconnection after temporary suspension of incoming and outgoing calls<
    £25.00 excluding VAT
    + £5.00 excluding VAT for each additional line on the same account

Payment processing fee

We charge a ‘payment processing fee' for every bill (except for initial, supplementary, and final bills) that is not paid by Direct Debit (with the exception of customers who have separate bills for BT Business Broadband services).

You'll save £18.00 for each bill if you pay by quarterly Direct Debit or £6.00 for each bill if you pay by monthly Direct Debit.


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