How do I participate in the Support Forum and what does ‘Kudos’ and ‘Accept as a solution’ mean?

The links below will give you all the information you need to know about our Support Forum and how to use it.

What are Forums?

Forums provide a place for forum members or participants to search for information, read and post about topics of interest and learn from each other. These forums are specifically for BT Business customers to ask for or give advice on BT Business products and services, creating a helpful knowledge base.

The forum is set up so that you can post questions and answers.

Guests (unregistered visitors) can browse or search the entire forum for information. Registered members can post messages or comments, track discussions and get email notifications on new posting activity.

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Why should I use forums?

We encourage you to visit often and to participate. Come with your toughest questions. Chances are someone has a solution or can point you in the right direction. If you find a solution that works, let others know and pass on your own tips and insights. You might just have the answer someone else has been looking for!

Your activity on the forums is key, even if all you do is read messages or articles that someone else has posted. Forums like this one have a place for all kinds of contributions like posting questions and sharing answers, leaving comments on articles or just searching for answers to your questions. And if you find members helpful, you can show your appreciation by giving Kudos or by accepting a solution that answers your question, or by posting thank-you replies.

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What is my responsibility in the forum?

We want the forum to be appropriate, friendly, informative and fun for everyone. Please read our Support Forum guidelines so that you know what to expect and what is expected of you.

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How do I post a question?

To post a question:

  1. Go to the board that you want to post on.
  2. Click on the New Message link near the top of the message list. The Post Message screen is displayed.
  3. In the Subject field, enter a title for your message. This is the only part of the message that shows up on the message listing page so try and make it something that is clear and concise. Use keywords about your topic.
  4. In the Body field, enter your message, adding details about your topic. If you’re posting on a technical topic, try to include all relevant information.
  5. If required, use the controls to change the fonts, colours and other aspects of your message. You can use smiley faces by using the smiley menu.
  6. If required, click on the Check Spelling button to look for misspelled words.
  7. If required, click on the Preview Post button to see what your post will look like on the boards.
  8. When you’re happy with your message, click on the Submit Post button. Your message is added to the board and everyone else will be able to read it.
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How do I post a reply?

Use the Reply button in a message to write a response to a particular post. A screen similar to the Post Message screen is displayed. There are a few differences:

  • When you reply to a post, the Subject field is filled in for you automatically. You can change it if you want.
  • You can click on the Quote Message button to paste the message to which you’re replying into the body of your reply.
  • When you post a message as a reply, it will be added to the existing thread. It won’t create a new thread.
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What is a Kudos?

Kudos is a new content rating system that lets you vote for the messages you think are the most useful or important.

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Why should I give Kudos?

When you give kudos to a message, you are offering a thumbs-up for good content and a pat on the back to its author. Your kudos help to boost the value of certain messages and enhance the reputation of their authors.

Giving Kudos is as easy as a single click but the impact of Kudos ripples across the forum.

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How do I give Kudos?

You can give Kudos to any posts in the community except your own. To give Kudos to a message and its author, click on the star icon on the message.

If you change your mind about the quality of the message, you can revoke your Kudos. To revoke Kudos you’ve given, select Revoke My Kudos from this Message from the Options menu. The Kudos count is updated and the Kudos! Badge shows that you can now give the message Kudos again.

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How can I see who's given me Kudos?

You can see who thinks your messages are Kudo-worthy by going to your Profile page. To see who's given you Kudos:

  1. Click on your login name. Your Profile page is displayed. This page shows the names of community members who gave you Kudos, the messages on which Kudos was given, the messages given the most Kudos and the Kudos that you’ve been given.
  2. To see all of your recent Kudos activity in an area, click on the view all link at the bottom of the list. The Kudos Activity page is displayed, showing the recent Kudos you’ve given or received.
  3. Click on the tabs to see more information about your Kudos activity.

You can also see Kudos activity for other forum members on their Profile pages.

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How do I see which messages or authors have received the most Kudos?

There are usually two Kudos leaderboards on the community’s front page: one for authors and another for messages. The author’s leaderboard shows who has received the most Kudos. The message leaderboard shows the messages with the most Kudos.

Links from the front page leaderboards take you to the full leaderboard pages.

To view the Top Kudoed Messages leaderboard, click on the view all link from the front page leaderboard.

To view the Top Kudoed Authors leaderboard, click on the view all link from the front page leaderboard.

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How do I find out who thinks a message is good?

It's easy to find out which regular forum members and forum experts have given Kudos to a message. Kudos that come from forum experts carry more weight literally, than those that come from brand new members.

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How do I see who's given Kudos to a message?

Want to know who thinks a message is good? It’s easy to find out which regular community members and community experts have given Kudos to a message. Kudos that come from community experts carry more weight than those that come from brand new members.

To see who’s given Kudos to a message:

  1. Go to the message page.
  2. Click on the Kudos! total. The Who Kudoed this Message page is displayed, showing all of the community members who’ve given Kudos to the message.
  3. Click on the Experts tab to see Kudos given by high-ranking members of the community. Experts are usually moderators and other users who had a Kudos weight of more than 1 when they gave the message Kudos.
  4. Click on the User Name or Kudos link to sort this page by the name of the user who gave Kudos or by the Kudos count.
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What is Kudo's weight?

Your Kudos weight is the number of Kudos you give each time you click on the star icon. If you're new to the forum, you’ll probably give Kudos one at a time (your Kudos weight is 1). More experienced forum members might have a higher Kudos weight, so they could give two Kudos, ten Kudos or more each time they click.

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Why can't I give Kudos to some messages?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to give Kudos to a post:

  • You've already given Kudos to this message (you can only give them once).
  • You wrote the message (you can't give Kudos to your own messages).
  • Your forum manager wants you to give Kudos only to a message that starts a thread and not to replies.
  • Your forum manager has turned Kudos off for a message or a forum.
  • Your forum manager has frozen Kudos for this message. You can still see how many Kudos the message has received, but you can't give Kudos to it any more.
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Where did the Kudos number go?

Sometimes a message gets so many Kudos that we run out of space to show the number. When that happens, you'll see a Hot Kudos symbol or icon instead of the Kudos count on the star icon.

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What is Accepted solutions?

Accepted Solutions is a way for you to choose the reply that best answers a question that you've posted. When you accept a solution, both the question and the solution get special icons and links that take you directly from the question to the answer and back again.

An Accepted Solutions icon also appears on boards and in search results so you can see which messages have solutions.

You can mark a solution as accepted only for questions that you've posted (i.e. you started the thread). Forum moderators can also mark one of the replies to a message as an accepted solution.

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Why should I accept a solution?

You should accept a solution if it has helped you and it by doing so, you are crediting it to be a useful and reliable result.

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How can I accept a solution?

If you’ve posted a question to a forum, you can choose the reply that best answers your question and mark it as an Accepted Solution.

To mark a message as a solution, click on the Solution? icon on the reply.

If you change your mind about the quality of the answer or if another reply provides an even better answer, you can revoke the first selection and accept the second reply.

To revoke an Accepted Solution, select Unmark as Accepted Solution from the Options menu. You can then choose another solution or leave the question unsolved.

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