The DSL light is flashing green, on my Openreach modem. What should I do?

Your modem is connecting and may flash for a few minutes.

If it continues to flash:

  • Check if there are any internet problems by going to BT Service Status.
  • Check the DSL socket and make sure the cable is firmly connected. The other end of the cable should be firmly connected into the telephone line face plate.
  • Your modem could have over-heated. Make sure it's in well ventilated, free-air and:

    1. Power off for 10 minutes.

    2. Power back on and wait a few minutes for the lights to come back on.
  • Try resetting the modem:

    1. Press and hold down the Reset button on the back of the modem for 5 seconds.

    2. Release the button and wait a few minutes for the Power light to come on.
  • Try disconnecting the power cable - wait a few minutes & then reconnect. After a few more minutes the Power light should come on.

If your problem still isn't fixed and the DSL light continues to flash, have your computer switched on and get in touch. You'll find contact details by clicking on the 'Contact us' link on the What do the lights on the Openreach modem mean? page.


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