How to change the wireless encryption on a BT Business Hub 2700 or 2701 to WPA/WPA2?

BT Business HubsWhen the BT Business Hub 2 came out many computers and wireless adapters didn't support this standard. Now it's very likely that your device or wireless adapter will.

Enabling WPA2 or WPA encryption

  1. Open your web browser, enter and press the ENTER key.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Click on the LAN tab, which appears below the Settings tab.
  4. Click on the Wireless link, which appears below and to the left of the LAN tab.
  5. Look for the Security section:

    Image of Hub Manager's security section

  6. From the Authentication Type drop-down list:

    • If all your devices support WPA2, select WPA2-PSK.
    • If some of your devices support WPA2 and some support WPA, select WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK.
    • If none of your devices support WPA2, but they all support WPA, select WPA-PSK.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save button. You may be asked to enter your Hub password. If you haven't changed it, your password is the same as the serial number on the bottom of your Fibre Hub.
  8. Reconnect your wireless devices, using the encryption key printed on the System label on your Hub.

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