BT Call Minder Multi will no longer be available from 8th March.

Call Minder Multi fixed and mobile mailboxes will no longer be linked and messages will no longer be stored in a single voice mailbox.

BT customers can still access BT voicemails for free using BT Answer 1571.

To retrieve your BT landline messages on your mobile phone sign up to BT 1571 Text Alerts.

We will text* your mobile whenever you receive a message on your BT landline. Just call your BT landline and the message will be relayed to your mobile.

To sign up for BT 1571 Text Alerts, call 0800 389 5660 from your home phone. We will send a text message to your mobile to confirm your order. You can use any valid UK mobile number.

Please note, that currently, only one mobile can be linked to one mailbox. In order to retrieve messages remotely, press the * button during the greeting message. This service only works in the UK.

* Texts are charged at the standard rate to a UK mobile. Opt in required. BT Answer or Call Minder required.

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