How do I make changes to business ‘My account’?

Change personal and profile details

  1. Sign into ‘My account'
  2. Click on Personal details
  3. You'll see options to change your:
    • Online account details: password, security question and answer
    • Contact details: title, first name, last name, landline number, mobile number, primary email address, and alternative email address (in case you forget your sign in details; we'll send an email reminding you about them to your alternative email address)
    • Service notification preferences (frequency or switch-off completely)
    • Marketing preferences
  4. Expand the section using the arrow and click Edit

Change your username

Sorry, it's not possible to change your username.

But you can set up a new username if you have another email address. However, if you use a new email address it's like starting from scratch. It means adding all of your billing accounts to your new online profile.

Remove an account from ‘My account'

Once you add an account to your online profile, you cannot remove it yourself.

If you want to remove an account from your online profile, contact us at


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