What is my 'Billing and Payments overview' and how can I see it?

The Billing & payments overview screen is the first screen you'll see after you've signed in to Your account and clicked Billing & payments. It brings together all of the BT accounts that you manage online.

You'll need to sign in to My BT Business account first. The overview is in the Billing & payments area of My BT Business account

If you're in another area of My BT Business account and want to get to the Billing & payments overview screen:

  • Click Billing & payments at the top of the screen under the Your account tab
  • Click Overview from the left-hand menu

From the Overview page you can, for each account:

  • View bill details
  • View recent calls
  • Set up a Direct Debit
  • Change to paper-free billing
  • View a spend breakdown for your recent calls

You can also add new accounts to your online profile and manage your existing accounts. Just click Add a new account.

Scroll down your list of accounts until you find the one you want to view in detail:

  • Click View bill to open the Bill summary for the most recent bill on that account


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