• BT Tech Heads TM Enhance is the technical support included with BT Business Broadband Advance Support, BT Business Broadband Premium, BT Business Infinity Premium, BT Business Infinity Ultra and BT Business Infinity on Demand.
  • It is available 24 x 7 via an 0800 number, giving you access to help and advice on a wide range of broadband and IT questions.
  • We will support up to three of your computers per connection.
  • We will organise secure remote access to view, diagnose and solve your IT problems.

To find out what they can help you with, see What do I get with BT Tech Heads TM?

We do not cover:

  • Malware disinfection.
  • Support on line command routers, Cisco routers and VPN configuration.
  • Support for smartphones and tablets.
  • IT support for Broadband line from other Internet Service Providers.
  • Requests for general advice on hardware, software and computers that would normally be supported by manufacturers.
  • Online applications such as social networking, blogs, video/picture sharing.
  • Any complex fixes (such as reinstall and Upgrade of the operating system), which could incur a charge.

If you need support on any of the above, please visit Enhanced IT Support for PCs, which can help you with Malware disinfection reinstall and upgrade of the operating system and support for selected smartphones and tablets in particular.

To get access to BT Tech Heads TM

For access to BT Tech Heads TM Enhance you will need one of these:

BT Business Broadband Advance Support
BT Business Broadband Premium
BT Business Infinity Premium
BT Business Infinity Ultra 
BT Business Infinity on Demand

For more information check out our Products & Services  page.


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