What are the options and rules for Call Diversion?

Incoming calls programmed to ring an extension/number of extensions can be diverted to ring an alternative location by using the Call Divert features.  

Your extension can be set to divert calls to:

  1. Another extension, a single extension only. (Only a single hop divert is allowed i.e. if extension 20 diverts to extension 21 which is diverted to extension 22 etc. the divert only goes to extension 21 but does not go to the other extensions)
  2. Your extension voice mailbox (if you have one allocated)
  3. An external number (a diversion set to an external number will be ignored for internal calls to the extension, internal calls will ring the phone)

There are three divert options, each one can be set to divert calls as described above:

  1. Divert all calls (only applies when the call is ringing a single extension). When an extension is set to divert all calls, broken dialling tone is presented to the extension and on Featurephone extensions the option to Cancel call divert is presented on the first menu screen
  2. Divert calls on no answer. If you want to set a time before calls are diverted, the full details can be found on Page 14 of the BT Inspiration Owners Manual. Divert on no answer determines how long extensions ring before diverting the call and the default setting for this is 11 seconds
  3. Divert calls on busy

For full information on diverting and canceling divert see Page 14 of the BT Inspiration Owners Manual.

An alternative to using call divert to manage which phones ring is to use Day / Night service.  

Further information on Day service/Night service programming can be found on Page 13 of the BT Inspiration Owners Manual.

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