How do I program System Speed Dial?

To program your System Speed Dial:

  1. Place the programming overlay on any M7310 or M7324 telephone.
  2. To enter programming press Feature **23646 the display shows: Password.
  3. Key in your password (the default is 23646). The display shows:
    1. Sys speed dial.
  4. Press Show.
  5. Enter speed dial code number i.e. 01 to 70
  6. Press Show. Display shows: No number stored (or current number stored).
  7. Press Change. Enter the number to be stored (maximum of 24 digits). 
  8. Press OK.
  9. Press Next. Display shows Use prime line. 
  10. Press Next to enter a speed dial name or Press Rls to exit programming.
    If a name is entered, the name shows on the telephone display when the speed dial is used.
  11. Press Next. Display shows Display digits:Y.
  12. Press Change. Display shows Display digits:N. 
  13. Press Next. Display shows Names
  14. Press Show. Display shows System Speed Dial. 
  15. Press Change
  16. Enter 1st letter of name, Select letter or digit from the keypad. e.g. for 'L' press 5 three times (Shows selected character). 
  17. Press # to move the curser. 
  18. Repeat steps 16 & 17 to enter further letters/digits (maximum 16 characters).
    Display shows < shows name>.
  19. Press Next. Display shows Bypass restr'n:N
  20. If a dialling restriction needs to be bypassed Press Change, Display shows Bypass restr'n:Y.
  21. Press Next. Display shows Speed dial# to enter further speed dial numbers or press Rls to exit programming.


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