How do I change the time and date on my Norstar system?

To change your system time and date:

Place the programming overlay on any M7310, M7310N, and M7324, M7324N or T7316 telephone. 

  1. To enter programming press Feature**23646 the display shows: Password.
  2. Enter your password (the default is 23646) the display shows:
    1. Sys speed dial.
    To alter the time (go to step 3) to alter the date (go to step 11). 
  3. Select Next until display reads 3. Time & Date.
  4. Select Show, the display shows Time xx:xx.
  5. Select Change, the display shows  Hour: xx.
  6. Select Change, the display shows Hour.
  7. Enter Hour, use the 24hr clock format. e.g. 14=2pm  Hour: 14
  8. Select Next, the display shows Minutes: xx.
  9. Select Change, the display shows Minutes.
  10. Enter Minutes, use 2 digits eg:  08 Minutes: 08 The system time is now set, select Rls to exit programming or
  11. Select Next, until display reads Date xx xx.
  12. Select Change, the display shows Year: xx.
  13. Select Change, the display shows  Year.
  14. Enter Year, use last 2 digits of year eg: 10, Year: 10.
  15. Select Next, the display shows Month: xx.
  16. Select Change, the display shows Month.
  17. Enter Month, use 2 digit format eg: 04 for April, Month: 04.
  18. Select Next, the display shows Day: xx.
  19. Select Change, the display shows Day.
  20. Enter Day of Month, use 2 digits i.e. 01 to 31.e.g 09  Day: 09.
  21. Select Rls to exit programming.         


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