How do I forward calls to another extension if my extension is not answered?

You can program an extension to forward a call to a pre-determined extension, if the call is not answered within a set number of rings.

The default setting is 3, but options 2, 3, 4, 6 and 10 rings are available.

For M7310/M7310N or M7324/M7324N telephones:

  1. Place the programming overlay on the telephone.
  2. Press Feature **26346(ADMIN). You will be asked for your Password.
  3. Enter the Administration password (default = 23646). The display shows 1. Sys speed dial.
  4. Press Next until the display shows 5. Capabilities.
  5. Press Show. The display shows Dialing Filters.
  6. Press Next until the display shows Extn abilities.
  7. Press Show. The display shows Extn#.
  8. Enter the extension number of the telephone that you want to change the Call Forward settings on.
  9. The display now shows Extn filters.
  10. Press Next until the display shows Forward no Answer.
  11. Press Show. The Display shows Fwd to: None.
  12. Press Change and enter the extension number you want to forward to.
  13. Press Next. The display shows Forward Delay:
  14. Press Change to change the setting.
  15. Press Rls to exit or Next to continue in Administaration.

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